Monday, 29 December 2008


This is the day when I stop acting and start thinking. It’s probably driven by the mistakes I’ve made, but I don’t feel sorrow towards them, it’s just the way things happened.

“the shallowness inside me is going beyond all your beauty,

but you don’t seem to glimpse any of this.

And I look you in the eye while your lips stretch side to side

forming the most beautiful smile ever seen

when a draining contortion in my soul starts to flow.

Every time you laugh I die.”

What if the rest of the world succumbs in an immense pain and depression leading undoubtedly to the most horrible and unpredictable death ? Nothing I guess. Wait, stop, I just said the rest of the world, that’s a huge amount of people... Yes, but again, nothing I guess. It seems there’s something or someone in this mind and maybe... unattainable.

“All the things that are sad

Are saved deep in my heart

And all I gave was more

Than all I ever asked for.

Always see myself

As the one that loved.”

As a child, like everyone else, I dreamed, and I dreamed a lot, about life, about people, about mom, about me. As a man, life is what it is, I’ve been contemplating earth for years, I’ve been seeing life and how we interact with it, I’ve been feeling it, I’ve been meeting people and I’ve been knowing me. After several years I’m able to say everything ‘s become steady. I lack of different emotions, there’s no twist of feelings and old days born anew.

Old days, I recall them, feeling my feelings for the first times, starting the trip of knowing and interpreting the place I am. I’m starting to think I’ve learnt more in those few years than in the rest of my life. Have I reached my adulthood too quickly? Is there anything I can do from here to feel refreshed and new again? Is it something or anything? I remember my mother telling me to find that very special girl, telling me to love her madly so we can be as one. Is it what we are supposed to do? I try and I try to reach those feelings, the joy and the happiness, the beginning and the end in just one moment... Is love the answer?

“This whole new view changed my sight

The bird has lost it’s wings again

For once foreseeing the end from here

From this perspective I see myself numbing

Hopeful mind and lonesome heart

Could never be seen as one

You are my friend and I love you.

You are different and I love you.

You are my mother and I love you.

You are my enemy and I love you.

You are the love of my life, and yes, I love you.

“there’s nothing else from here, this is it”.


  1. Vos decis que lo mio es verdad y lo que digo yo que lo tuyo lo es tambien....hubo partes que me tocaron por que me pasaron, yo tambien aprendi mucho en muy poco tiempo y un dia dije Dios, soy un adulto, como paso esto exactamente, donde estan mis padres? por que tengo frio y hambre?? y ahora!!??

    Y los errores son maneras de aprender, son necesarios para recordarlos bien y no volver a cometerlos.

    Amar la vida significa amar a la gente que te rodeo, bien o mal, el odio es lo mismo que el amor, sin amor no hay odio y viceversa, el odio es amor encapsulado en ideas erroneas.

    Me alegra que hayas llegado a tu adultez sabiendo todo eso... ojala yo en mi adutez aprenda tambien!

    Gracias por tu comentario y muy feliz año nuevo!

  2. Si, creo que viene todo un poco de la mano con no estar tan pendiente de uno, con no creerse nada que no somos y con tener los pies sobre la tierra... el ego no es nada tan importante como para darle la atencón que hoy día se le da. Y no sé... cuando tengo hambre como, y cuando tengo frio me abrigo, creo que asi viene funcionando bien para mi.
    Ah, y vamos mujer, no me digas viejo que soy bien nene todavía jaja. Saludos y gracias!!!

  3. "Every time you laugh I die.”